How to Unlock a Passcode Disabled iPhone, iPad & iPad Touch

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If someone has tried to access your phone by putting wrong lock code more than 10 times and you phone is disabled, you don’t need to worry because we have came up with the solution to unlock your passcode disabled iphone. Apple has done really great for the security of iPhone that it includes the feature of phone disability on putting wrong lock code but this some time put you in trouble if some kid get ahold of your iphone.

You can get the control of your phone by restoring it and during restoration process you simply need to do the following step by step process:

Step 1

Put you phone in DFU of Recovery mode, most people prefers DFU

Step 2


iTunes will detect a device in recovery mode, It will ask for either “restore” or “update”. Click “Restore”

Step 3

When iTunes will done doing its things, it will ask you to select either set up a new phone or “restore it from back up”

Now you are done, you don’t need to wait for six million minutes to unlock your iphone.


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